67mm Multi-layer Camera CPL Filter Circular Polarizer Filter


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Why Use a Polarizer?

Think of a Polarizer filter as Sunglasses for your camera.

What does a Circular Polarizing filter do? What’s the difference between a circular and linear polarizer? Along with UV and ND filters, Polarizer filters are among the essential Digital SLR camera filters every photographer should have this filter guide will explain it all. Polarizing filters provide color and contrast enhancement. Reflected light often shows up as whitish glare that washes out color in an image.

A Polarizer filter corrects this problem producing deep, dramatically blue skies. It also removes glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as windows and water. Color saturation in general, especially outdoors, can be improved significantly by using polarizer filters.

camera CPL filter

- Before & After Polarizer Effects -

CPL effectively manages reflections from non-metallic objects, suppresses glare from water surfaces, increases contrast and saturation of the outdoor scenes with deeper color tones. At the same time CPL filter serves a good deal to protect expensive front optical element of the lens from physical damage.

camera CPL filter

With the use of a Circular Polarizing filter (CPL) on your lens, you can enhance the colors in the sky as well as the elements in your frame. This is made possible as the CPL filter, when rotated at a particular angle minimizes the haze in the sky and enhances the color by reducing the polarization effect caused by sunlight.

camera CPL filter

While taking photos of glass buildings or landscapes with a water body in the frame, it can be really challenging to get rid of the reflections being caused by sunlight. You might have to change your composition or wait for the light to change in order to get a reflection-free image.

camera CPL filter

When shooting the showcase, the CPL help you remove the reflective light of the glass, and get clear image.

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