52mm Phone Variable ND Filter ND2-400 With Multi-layer Coating


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GiAi Smartphone Variable ND Filter 52mm ND2-400

Phone Variable ND2-400 Filter Features:

Coating: Multi-layer coating, include AR coating, Anti-fingerprint coating, and Waterproof coating,

Frame thickness: Only 5.5mm, no vignetting for most of the camera lens,

Light reduction: Variable 1-9 stops light reductions,

ND value: ND2 - ND400,

Function: Rotate the ring to choose the exact light reductions. It darkens the entire image, enable you to use slower shutter speed or larger aperture.

Note: for wide angle lens, there may be "X" pattern appears on your images. It is the attribute of Variable ND filter, and can't be removed. The longer focal length, the less chance for the "X" pattern to appear.

Phone variable ND filter

Variable ND filter is usually used for long exposure photography. With it you can get the slow motion effect. For example, use it to take waterfalls, car traffic, moving cloud, etc. Since the phone is unable to adjust the aperture, you can use the variable ND filter to get the effect of adjusting the aperture.

Phone variable ND filter

Phone variable ND filter

The GiAi variable ND filters are coated on 4 sides. Total 36 layers coating. They include Anti-reflection coating, Anti-fingerprint coating, Waterproof coating, etc, which help you get great quality pictures.

Phone variable ND filter

The Phone clamp is big enough to cover all of your phone lenses. So all of your phone' cameras can be used during taking pictures.

Phone variable ND filter

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