72mm Multi-layer coating Black Mist Filter


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What's Black Mist Filter?

Create dreamy soft effect, reduce the highlight and contrast.

Black Mist filter is an optical glass soft filter infused with fine black diffusing material. It suppresses highlight and shadow contrast, providing a soft image. Without requiring a retouch, you are able to create movie-like photographs with Black Mist filter.

In regards to the lens' focal distance, the filter's soft effect is strong when used with telephoto lenses but weaker with wide angle lenses.

-Before & After Black Mist Effects-

72mm black mist filter

Suggested Scenarios

72mm black mist filter

Softly bleeds lighting within night time photography, producing a cinematic atmosphere.

72mm black mist filter

Suppresses contrast, producing a soft, light mood. The blur in the background provides a pleasant, mellow impression.

72mm black mist filter

Black Mist has a strong role in improving the atmosphere of landscape photography. The sunlight filtering through the tree foliage has been greatly enhanced.

Increasing the exposure has created a soft and transcendent light.

72mm black mist filter

Contrast is weak within portrait photos, making skin appear smooth as if a veil was layed over it.

Light Bulb Halo Display For Black Mist Filter

Please check below pictures comparison demonstration where show real and different size halo of different gear (such as 1/8 , 1/4, 1/2, 1 ). The bigger the block, the stronger the softening effect.

72mm black mist filter

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