4x5.65" Multi-layer Coating Cinematic Black Mist Filter


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What's Black Mist Filter?

Create dreamy soft effect, reduce the highlight and contrast.

Black Mist filter is an optical glass soft filter infused with fine black diffusing material. It suppresses highlight and shadow contrast, providing a soft image. Without requiring a retouch, you are able to create movie-like photographs with Black Mist filter.

In regards to the lens' focal distance, the filter's soft effect is strong when used with telephoto lenses but weaker with wide angle lenses.




Do you worry about your portrait photos aren't good enough? You need to have a secret weapon. With the GiAi black mist filter, even if your photos aren't evenly exposured and the lines on the model's face are stiff, the GiAi black mist filter will add a dreamy soft effect to you, making the lines on the model's face softer and moving, reducing the contrast and lighten the dark area a little, so as to make the photos exposure evenly and add beauty.


The GiAi black mist filter removes blemishes and wrinkles on human faces, softens hard edges and diffuses highlight, creates a dreamy cinematic look on photography and videography creations.


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