82mm Waterproof Streak Blue Filter Streak Gold Streak Rainbow Filter


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  • Product Code: GA-SF-82mm
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What is a Streak Filter?

Namorphic streak without the expense of an anamorphic lens.

The GiAi Streak Filter is the latest product line in our Cinema Filter range and enables you to create dramatic, cinematic anamorphic flaring effect in-camera without the need for expensive anamorphic lenses or, even more expensive, post-production.

-Before & After Streak Effects-

streak filter

The GiAi streak filter is comprised of a series of parallel filaments that pick up every bright point of light to create the flare effect,You can adjust the angle of the streak filter to realize diferent effect on different directions.

streak filter

Streak filters mimic the anamorphic streak flare effect, causing streaks on bright light sources or reflections in the scene.

streak filter

The GiAi streak filter offers waterproof coating and anti-fingerprint coating, which helps to increase the good experience of using.

streak filter

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