67mm Multi-layer HD Camera UV Filter


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Why Use Protection & UV Filters?

Let’s face it, accidents happen! In the world of photography, it is important to protect your camera and your investment. GiAi Protection and UV Control filters offer you protection from dust, scratches, dirt, moisture, fingerprints, as well as absorb UV light. Film and video are more sensitive to UV light than our eyes are. This often shows up as a bluish cast in images, especially shots from high altitudes and long distances, particularity over water. Ultra Violet filters are available in a variety of UV absorption levels. These filters can be kept on your lens at all times.

67mm camera uv filter

A quality UV filter can also act as a weather seal, protecting the optical coatings on the front element from dust, extreme heat, or rain, as well as preventing the lens itself from fogging. If you’re using an expensive lens, it’s smart to use a UV filter in settings like the desert where sand, dust, and other debris can cause damage to the front lens element.

67mm camera uv filter

The one important feature of UV filter is Anti-Stain Coating (ASC) that represents new generation of GiAi coating technology. Thanks to a new formula of coating material the surface of  UV filter will make moisture and water drops to bead up and slip down leaving filter clean. Thus, you will not need to clean filter for a long time and maintenance will become incredibly easier and safer. Due to smooth filter surface dust and smudges can be wiped more easier because they do not stick on to the glass so strongly. Time you spend for after-care routine will be considerably shortened and cleaning process will not bother you any more. This feature is highly valued by extremely photographers who are shooting outdoors in various weather conditions.

67mm camera uv filter

Protect Your Image From UV ray

UV filter is multi-purpose fine-weather filter that blocks UV light – the reason of unclear and hazy photo in shiny day. UV filter adopts UV-cut glass that blocks unwanted UV spectrum before light comes out from the filter. This type of glass has a slight yellow tint, there is no any negative effect on the image. UV filter is universal filter, because it also serves as a permanent lens protector.

67mm camera uv filter

General Info
UV Filters
Pro Series
Light Transmittance
Available Sizes, mm
37, 40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82, 86
Main Characteristics
Water-Repellent Coating
Frame Material

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