GiAi Magnetic Lens Filter Kit A Includes Magnetic Adapter Ring+CPL+ND64+Black mist 1/4+Streak Blue filter Nano Coating Waterproof Scratch Resistant HD Optical Glass


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GiAi Magnetic Lens Filter Set ADesigned with a CNC antislip aluminum alloy frame with magnetism, this filter set allows for 1s swap between different filters, avoiding dark and dark corners on wide angle and telephoto lenses. Simply attach the included magnetic adapter ring to your 58mm camera lens, then select a filter from the kit and attach it to the adapter ring.

Magnetic Black mist 1/4 filter Featuring 89% light transmittance, the black diffusion 1/4 filter effectively reduces highlights and lowers glare for soft cinematic effect on video and photo image. Well suited for portrait photography, as it helps soften wrinkles, blemishes and pores while maintaining skin tone values

[Magnetic CPL filter] is used to eliminate the reflection of non-metallic surfaces, eliminate the light reflected from the surface of water or glass and other shiny surfaces, increase color saturation, can make the blue sky, green leaves, ridges and buildings more vivid color, can also reduce the soft focus caused by atmospheric fog in the scenery, but does not change the tone balance of

the entire picture.

Magnetic Streak Blue filterCreate Streak Flare Effects and Increase the Visual Impact.Getting the Streak Flare Effect.

Please confirm the filter thread size marked on your camera with the "Ф" (diameter) symbol first. When mounted on camera, the filters also protect your camera lens from scratches, dust, and fingerprints. Please wipe the filter with a cleaning cloth.


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