GiAi Magnetic 4-piece set contains magnetic ring +UV+CPL+ND1000 camera filter


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[GiAi Magnetic Lens Filter Kit C] The ND1000 filter gives you greater control over aperture and exposure time while maintaining accurate colors by preventing 10 levels of light from reaching the camera sensor. The UV filter reduces UV light and eliminates blueness in the image. The CPL filter has a 360° rotatable outer ring that helps reduce reflection on non-metallic surfaces and darken skies with saturated colors.

[Magnetic design] A magnetic adapter ring is used in combination with UV or CPL(circular polarization filter) or ND1000 filter to adapt to different lighting conditions. Twist the ultra-thin, lightweight retainer onto the front of the camera lens and the retainer attaches magnetically to the three included filters. Simply remove the filter, leave the adapter ring on the lens, and attach the included lens cap after shooting so you can start shooting faster next time

[Ultra-thin aero-grade aluminum alloy frame] Aero-grade aluminum alloy, precision CNC machining, so that the screen frame durable, easy to install and disassemble 67mm lens. The slim filter ensures no halo even when using a wide-angle or telephoto lens

[ HD Optical Glass and Multi-resistant coating ]High quality HD optical glass allows you to take clear photos. Double-sided multilayer nanocoatings make it waterproof and scratch-resistant.

[Waterproof filter bag and cleaning cloth] The included lens filter bag is waterproof and can safely store the filter. Lens filter cleaning cloth can easily remove dirt or oil from the surface of the filter.



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